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Faithfulness to All Generations

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Dear West Cabarrus Family,

Nine years in a movie theater and two years in an elementary school and all the time saving and believing God for lands and buildings, but more importantly, never forgetting to share the Gospel to neighbors and the nations…the result…..a community of believers known as West Cabarrus Church.  Multiple salvations, restored marriages, freedom from addictions, called to ministry and called to missions, this is the true blessing of watching God build His Church. 

Reading the Torah (the first five books of the O.T.) recently, I have seen God time and time again, tell his people to never forget the mighty acts that He had done for them in the past. So it is for West Cabarrus Church on the occasion of our 30th Anniversary. We are here because of God and God alone. He has done great things! 

That instant congregation that gathered as a result of 20751 phone calls in January of 1990, finding 2058 families who wanted to learn of a new church, with 231 showing up to the first service on Palm Sunday in 1991 was a people that God wanted to use to touch the world. With mustard seed faith, mountains were moved, and miracles happened. This is the word we tell our children and grandchildren.

As we believed then, we also believe now. What more can He do through a people who dare to believe? It is not enough to look back and give Him glory. We must look ahead and believe in His blessing for this generation too. I want this generation to see new miracles as well. There is so much more that awaits this fellowship if we just believe.

In the movie theater and elementary school was a worshipping bunch of people who dared to believe God and He rewarded their faith. West Cabarrus Church has resources that so many other churches only dream about. This group of people have touched the world for Jesus.

We are not done. There are more miracles ahead, and more people to be won.

“One generation shall commend your works to another, and shall declare your mighty acts.” - Psalm 145:4

Dr. Terry Faulkenbury
Founding Pastor