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Nearly 200 of us participated in our Love Life Adoption Week this year (150+ on Saturday, 40+ prayed but unable to attend).  We praise the LORD for this!  You were an answer to prayer.  

You were an answer to the prayers of the handful of men and women who have been contending for life at these Abortion Centers for more than 15 years.  You were an answer to the prayers of Cities For Life, and many others who were praying the church would show up. And possibly an answer to prayer of an extended family member of these abortion-minded mothers - praying that somebody would love these women enough to stand in the gap.

We had a wonderful week.  The Lord answered many of our prayers - 12 families chose life last week (1 on Saturday).  Praise the LORD! 

It was such an honor to see David & Tracy Bennett shining the light of Christ as mentors!  It was great to see Steven Mason, Owen Hickman and so many others from our extended church family serving Love Life Charlotte beyond our adoption week.

"To believe is to commit.  To commit is to CONNECT."  

ways YOU can CONNECT:

  • FRONTLINES:  Find out about the group of partnering ministries committed to being a voice for the voiceless by offering hope and life resources for families considering abortion at the clinic.  CONNECT HERE!

  • ORPHAN CARE: find out about the group of people committed to personally ending the local orphan crisis in our city by placing every one of our children in a Godly home.  CONNECT HERE!

  • MENTORS: find about the growing network of people who have said yes to walking alongside moms and dads who have chosen life for their children. Mentors provide support, offer encouragement and “do life” with young men and women every step of the pregnancy and into the child’s first years of life.  CONNECT HERE!

  • HELPING HANDS: find out about other ways you can help with the ministry of Love Life.  Church Representative, Data Entry, Event Coordination, Phone Calls, etc.  CONNECT HERE!

Church Family, there will be other weeks that we'll be connecting with this year: African Americans for Life, Hispanics for Life, Youth for Life, and the week 40 Celebration of Life.  Stay tuned...stay in prayer for a culture of love and life to overtake this community so that there is an end to the abortion and orphan crisis!


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REPORT Operation In As Much 2018

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Celebrating the LORD's faithfulness from our 2018 Operation In As Much.

  • Roughly 200 of us served together on Saturday, April 28!
  • 105 teachers at Furr Elementary received gift bags in their boxes for tomorrow morning.
  • More than 20 people have attended a weekend service as a result of a personal connection
  • 7 people made professions of faith in Carolina Village
  • 5 homes were touched by either landscaping or painting in Carolina Village
  • 2 homes were pressure washed and another 2 had their gutters repaired.
  • 1 completely updated room at the MAC house (Mothers And Children’s Home)
  • Block Party had at least 175 people from the community. (conservative estimate)
  • multiple conversations with families in Riverwalk either seeking a church home or just needing prayer.
  • 118 bibs and walker bags created and delivered to 4 area nursing homes
  • supported local missions organization (CCM) with fresh landscaping and paint

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