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Pastor Search Committee Update

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The Search Committee will search for and interview potential candidates. As the field of candidates narrows, the Administrative Team and Pastoral Staff will then interview candidates.

Search Committee Members:
  • Mike Broom
  • Darla Jarvis
  • Teddy Carter
  • DeLeslie Kiser
  • Carolyn Freeman
  • Evan Phillips
  • Leah Grasty
  • Bernie Savant
  • Josh Hoag
  • Lester Shelton
  • Bill Hodges
  • Uni Travina

The church family will be notified of the progress as part of the selection process.   Please pray consistently for these teams.

  • I commit to pray for each other, the work of our committee, our church fellowship, and the new pastor our Father has already prepared.
  • I commit to maintain full confidentiality with my team members and on behalf of all candidates submitted for consideration.
  • I commit to respect my fellow team members in all discussions, so we may maintain unity.
  • I commit to listen carefully, so I may understand all points of view and input.
  • I commit to be open and honest in expressing my perspective on all matters.
  • I commit to making decisions solely based on God's leading and His Word, not on the basis of personal preferences.
  • I commit to undertake our responsibilities as a spiritual challenge fully relying on the Lord and trusting in His guidance.
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