Becoming A Member

At West Cabarrus Church, we believe that church membership is an important and essential aspect of Christian discipleship.  As we join together, we are able to encourage each other in our Christian walks and hold each other accountable.

The entire TOGETHER Sermon Series will give you insight into the  DNA of West Cabarrus Church.  It is strongly recommended that listen to these messages from the Pastoral Team that were tied to the WCC Membership Covenant.


two steps

1. Class

Attend our “Discovering West Cabarrus and Exploring Church Membership” class.  In these 2 sessions, we discuss what we believe at West Cabarrus and how we operate as a church.  Attending the classes does not obligate you to join, so if you want to learn more about West Cabarrus, this is a good way to do that. If you want to join, the content of these classes is essential to that process.

2. Meet with Pastor

After you’ve completed the class, you may fill out your Membership Profile online (below).  When we receive this form, we’ll contact you to schedule a membership interview with one of our pastors.  This gives us a chance to get to know you a bit, hear how you came to faith in Christ, and for you to ask any additional questions about the church.

Presentation to Church Body

After you’ve completed the process steps, we review and approve the applications.  On a regular basis, we welcome new members to our church during a service.  You’ll be contacted to schedule a date when you can be acknowledged at the end of the worship time to the church family.