Pastor Andrew Catron

Pastor Andrew Catron

Worship & Communications Pastoroffice: 980-258-8439

Pastor Andrew leads our Worship Ministry and Communication Ministry.

Serving since November, 2014


Pastor Andrew is not originally from North Carolina but moved to Charlotte as a child from Roanoke, Virginia.  As a teenager, he became a believer in Jesus Christ and a few years later, felt the calling to local church ministry. He married the love of his life during his twenties.  They have one son who is in elementary school.

Pastor Andrew earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Worship and Music Ministry from Liberty University and his Master of Divinity from Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary.

“One of the things I love about serving West Cabarrus Church are the incredible people who make up our church family.   All of our stories have different successes, failures, heartbreak, and joy but the unmistakable unity we have in Jesus is a beautiful thing to behold!“  -Pastor Andrew Catron