Lindsey Trautman

Lindsey Trautman

Ministry Assistantoffice: 980-258-8447

Lindsey gives administrative support to the ministry areas of worship and communications.

Serving since July, 2014.


Lindsey was raised in a local church, surrounded by loving Christian parents and family. From a young age, she has always been involved in church ministry and missions.

She has been married to her husband, Aaron, since May 2012. They find joy in serving the Lord together through various ministries at West Cabarrus. Aaron and Lindsey are blessed with two beautiful daughters. Emilia (Emmie was born in September 2016) and Clara (born April 2018).

“I have enjoyed serving with the West Cabarrus Church staff since July 2014. I am honored to do ministry alongside the team at West Cabarrus!” -Lindsey Trautman